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Located in the heart of Manhattan next to Rockefeller Center, D-Dojo NYC Karate offers the best nyc martial arts training program for children, teens as well as adults. An official member of World Karate Federation (WKF), our NYC karate school serves Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Long Island students and beyond. Our super clean facility, results-oriented program of self defense, superb instructors, and fun classes are the reasons why students have made us the area's premier nyc martial arts school.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced students are challenged during highly structured classes with results ranging in improved flexibility, strengthened core muscles, and an increased lung capacity. D-Dojo NYC karate has been under the leadership of a world karate champion Igor Dyachenko Kancho. He has helped his students win tournaments, inspire thousands with his infectious enthusiasm, and improve the mental and physical health of all his students. Earning your black belt from D-Dojo means that you are a technically superb martial arts athlete.

What makes D-Dojo Karate special?

D-Dojo Karate offers a modern approach to a classical Japanese karate education where we integrate our curriculum with modern science and various martial art principles. As you progress in rank, you'll gain athletic agility, improve performance and have a greater sense of well-being. What's more, D-Dojo students who pursue and earn a black belt will also complete an enriching experience.

The D-Dojo nyc karate training program incorporates kihon, kata and kumite exercises which will eventually serve as your foundation education. As you advance, kihon, kata and kumite techniques will be more challenging and refined.

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Thoughts on D-Dojo Karate
"You will be impressed with what you can do. D-Dojo Karate has very important qualities such as friendly atmosphere; students are treated with respect; instructors are very helpful and motivated. Karate expanded my overall sight. It opened many possibilies to me, i want to try new things, new sports , i got interested in exploring new staff. karate is a great sport, activity that helps you feel healthy physically and mentally. karate gives you boost to stay strong and feel good; karate is not easy, requires lots of hardwork to shape techniques and clear mind BUT it is attainable to every person, it is available to learn. If you admire, respect such a thing as being a D-Dojoka (karateka) and it is your hidden dream, you can become one and really good one, the question is if you want to be one, to make dream a reality. At the time i considered taking NYC karate classes, karate sounded to me as something super cool, absolutely new and very interesting. I could not imagine i can do such things and much more than that. I believe it was actually dream i didnt know myself i had such a dream. As a child, I wanted to lean something like that while watching martial art movies but at that time i had no idea how i can learn those cool techniques. For many years my dream was in a deep sleep. And one day it woke up. For me, knowing i can do it, i can learn it, i can be a good karateka, was one main reason i could start karate training. Dyachenko sensei assured me that anyone can practise and succeed in karate. I started. i wanted to see what will change and happen. I can see that i feel much better physically and mentally, i am strong, more focused, i am learning techniques. It happens. My dream comes to reality."


Are you looking for the right sport for your child? How about Karate. It focuses on character development, physical fitness and practical self-defense. Karate is a great activity for kids. It helps to improve a child's mind and body. Children stay active, practice and learn. D-Dojo NYC Karate located in Midtown West offers a fantastic training program for children. At D-Dojo NYC Karate your child will learn through play and discipline. Give it a try! You are always welcome at D-Dojo Karate.

karate for beginners

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, at D-Dojo Karate you will find the perfect class for you. D-Dojo Karate offers classes for everyone. Chief instructor and world karate champion Igor Dyachenko - Kancho put a great team together. You will learn from the best teachers. The D-Dojo Karate team knows how to teach a great karate technique to beginners. They also help you to improve your skills if you are already a professional. You will enjoy learning in each class and looking forward to the next. D-Dojo Karate is simply for everyone.

karate instructions

Discover our karate school located by the Rockefeller Center. D-Dojo Karate offers top quality instruction and instructors. Our goal is to help you succeed in your karate training. At our karate school you will not only learn about self-defense, you also will learn about positive mental attitudes and self discipline. These skills can enrich your life. The quality of karate instruction is excellent at D-Dojo Karate. We have programs for kids, teens and adults. D-Dojo Karate welcomes everyone from beginners to professionals.

children karate

Take a look at our D-Dojo Karate programs. Besides providing classes for adults, we also offer children karate and karate for youth. In our pre-karate program (ages 4-6 years old) your child will learn about self-discipline and socialization skills. Children karate is a fun way to achieve fitness and focus. In our program for youth (ages 7-11 years old) boys and girls will start learning karate techniques. Karate is a great activity to learn about teamwork. Youth students will learn self-defense skills, build self-confidence and learn respect. D-Dojo Karate school is a positive professional learning environment where your child will look forward to each class.

karate midtown

Are you looking for the best karate school in Midtown Manhattan? Stop by D-Dojo Karate. The school offers the modern approach to a classical Japanese karate education. Weather you are searching for karate classes for children or for adults, D-Dojo Karate provides the best karate programs. We have highly qualified team coaches with passion and tons of experience that are teaching full time. We will help you to reach your full potential at D-Dojo Karate. Our school is located next to the Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan. We look forward helping you succeed.

karate for adults

D-Dojo Karate offers many different karate programs. Besides karate for adults, we offer the best karate classes for kids in New York City. D-Dojo Karate school is conveniently located near Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan. We welcome you to visit our school and meet our highly qualified team coaches so you can see why we offer the best karate classes for kids in New York City. If you are interested in karate for adults take a look at our website for more information. Please contact us if you have questions or come and visit us at D-Dojo Karate.

karate classes

Welcome to D-Dojo Karate. D-Dojo Karate studio offers affordable karate classes for the whole family. Besides awareness and self-defense, karate helps children learn to concentrate and focus. In our positive D-Dojo Karate studio children build self confidence. We have highly qualified team coaches teaching karate to beginners and professionals. Karate is a healthy choice and it will help you to stay fit. D-Dojo Karate studio is located near Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan. We are looking forward to meeting you.

private karate

Are you interested in taking private karate classes? At D-Dojo Karate you can book private karate lessons with one of our high qualified team coaches. D-Dojo Karate is a positive environment located in Midtown West. Our goal as team coaches is to help you develop strong martial arts skills and to help you reach your full potential. We offer karate classes for children, teenagers and adults. Karate helps you to improve your life in many ways. Besides getting exactly the workout you need, you also will feel mentally well. We welcome beginners and professionals at our D-Dojo Karate training facility next to Rockefeller Center in Midtown West.

karate lessons

Why should you let your child take karate lessons? It can be not easy to live in a city which never sleeps. The martial arts help teach self-discipline and socialization skills. D-Dojo Karate offers karate for kids. Our high qualified team coaches will teach in a positive environment which is essential to a child’s ability to learn. Give your child the opportunity to take karate lessons at our D-Dojo Karate School. Your child will benefit in many ways from attending our program karate for kids. D-Dojo Karate welcomes beginners and professionals of all ages.

2/26/2013 - Yelp Customer review
I have been going to D-Dojo Karate for the past 6 months, and I really love it. If you are looking for a a great workout, to increase your confidence, strength, and karate skills, this is definitely the place to go. Igor Sensei and Jose Sensei are both amazing teachers as they are both patient, yet very diligent in what they do. They work with you and support you until you succeed.

No matter what your age is or what your personal experience with karate is, D-Dojo Karate is the perfect place to go and I highly recommend it!!!

2/11/2013 - Yelp Customer review

My 7 year old son was a terror. He kept getting into fights in school and in the park, I kept getting calls from school. I figured, let me take him to Karate to redirect his angst.

This place gave me my little guy back. 3 months in he's a different person. The calls from school stopped, he's practicing his moves all the time and talks about being "level-headed".

Thank you guys for everything, keep up the good job.

2/12/2013 - Yelp Customer review

Only 1 word can describe D-Dojo Karate, AWESOME! My 11 year old has ADHD, until we enrolled him in classes here, he was undisciplined, despite my efforts as a parent. With Igor's diligence and structured professional instruction, My son is more focused and polite! Thank You for helping to turn his behavior around in a positive way!

I highly recommend!

3/4/2013 - Yelp Customer review

I am proud to be a part of this amazing family, I was one of the first D-Dojo Karate students and I am I glad to see the family grow. Dyachenko sensei is a very passionate athlete and teacher. He puts his heart and soul into his school and his students. If you want to get in shape or wish to become a competitor is the karate sport, I strongly encourage you try and take some classes with Dyachenko sensei. When I was a kid I always wanted to learn karate but my family could not afford it. When I was 31 I decided to fulfill that dream. I trained with Dyachenko sensei for 2 years in that time I have become a red belt. I even had the opportunity to compete in one of the local competitions where I won, which was extremely exciting. Due to constant travels I had to stop my training but I miss it a lot and I plan on coming back very soon.

8/28/2012 - 13 check-ins here

I've been training at D-Dojo for two years now. Before attending D-Dojo Karate, I had trained for months at another dojo in Midtown and felt it was too rough for me. After doing some research about the different styles of karate, I settled on Shotokan and soon after found D-Dojo.

In my first discussions with Igor Dyachenko, the Head Instructor, I addressed this issue and he put me at ease by explaining that the D-Dojo Karate vision was to focus teachings and trainings on the movements, techniques and philosophy of karate as opposed to physical confrontation. Students of all levels will experience the three pillars of karate: Kihon (Basics), Kata (Pattern) and Kumite (sparring, but here, very controlled).

In my two years of training at D-Dojo Karate, I have come to regret all the years I spent at the gym! The Dojo, conveniently located by the Rockefeller Center, has a sleek and modern design, and includes great motivational quotes written around the walls. The students are a friendly group of people, men and women of all ages, and every one encourages one another when exhaustion or frustration starts to set in. To that effect, each student wears a stripe on his or her belt that tells the instructor how far they want to be pushed.

But the best part of D-Dojo Karate is, and has always been, the instructors. Each trainer is highly motivated to see students succeed. Even when there are many students in a class, they are still able to pay individual attention to each student and tell them what needs to be improved and how to do it. Some parts of karate will not appear logical at first, and they take the time to explain why certain moves are done a certain way.

So, what's the prognosis after two years with D-Dojo Karate? Well, my health has improved vastly, to a level I thought not possible. I have reached a level of flexibility and balance I never had before in my life, and I appreciate it every day whether I'm squatting down to get something from the bottom of the fridge or whether I'm taking my shoes off at the airport. I have reversed a decline I had noticed in my endurance, and I credit D-Dojo for enabling me to still play soccer on weekends with people ten years younger than me. I have not shed any pounds, but training 2 or 3 times a week has made me more muscular and stopped an expanding stomach dead in its tracks.

Beyond the physical attributes of training at D-Dojo Karate, there is also a huge psychological side. Unlike gym workouts, karate training will completely absorb you. While you train, you are focused on learning and performing perfect karate, and daily worries about deadlines and utility bills will not be on your mind. When you leave, you will of course be physically tired, but you will also be a little more zen than you were when you walked in. I've found this to be a great help in managing my daily life with regard to work and family.

So, in short, if you are looking to have a challenging workout at great place, with cool people and stellar instructors, you'll find it at D-Dojo Karate!

8/9/2012 - Yelp Customer review

If you are serious about learning Karate, D-Dojo Karate is an excellent place to train. The classes provide great workouts (you will be pushed throughout, and soaked by the end), a supportive environment with lots of individual attention, and an uncompromising focus on proper technique.

In the four or so years that I've trained here, I've taken group, semi-private, and private lessons and the quality of instruction in all of these environments is superb. Igor Dyachenko, the school's founder and head instructor, is a gifted karateka and an exceptional teacher. Before joining D-Dojo Karate, my experience with karate was limited to one year of Shotokan at a university karate club in Tokyo. Many students start with no experience at all, while others have practiced for many years. Currently, the school offers several types of classes--fundamentals, three levels of intermediate, advanced, sparring, and children's classes. To progress steadily, you'll want to attend at least two classes per week. Each one-hour class will usually focus on one element of karate training--kihon (fundamentals), kata (forms), or kumite (sparring)--and will end with some conditioning exercises. Beyond the cost of classes, you'll also need to purchase a uniform and pay a fee when you test for a higher belt--my observation is that this is a pretty common arrangement with karate schools. The Dojo's midtown facility is the second that Igor has upgraded to in the last four years and it is well equipped and impeccably maintained.

On a more personal note, I joined D-Dojo Karate because I wanted get in better shape and at the same time learn a useful skill, such as karate. Since starting training, Igor sensei has always been genuinely concerned with my progress and I have really come to appreciate this. In class, he will not let me give up or lose focus. If I fall behind and miss classes for a couple weeks, I can expect a message encouraging me to make more time for karate. I have quite a collection of these...

Last, some of you may be wondering about D-Dojo's group buying deals occasionally offered through the likes of Living Social or Groupon. I've done one set of these classes in the past and found it very worthwhile--well-structured, fun, and practical. You'll be asked to schedule your classes ahead of time (I think classes are capped at 15 people per session), arrive in athletic attire, jewelry removed, and nails clipped. If you have any interest in karate or self defense, I would recommend checking it out!

8/17/2012 - Yelp Customer review

Great school for everybody who is interested in karate training, from very beginners to experienced competitors. I started as a beginner, and I loved every minute of it! Quality of training is superior! Instructors are highly professional, great people and true leaders! Atmosphere at D-Dojo Karate is very friendly, positive and inspiring. Everybody is treated with respect. No matter where you stand physically you will benefit from D-Dojo karate training! You will definitely love this place!!

5/14/2013 - Yelp Customer review

I absolutely love D-Dojo Karate. To tell you how much i love it - this is my first ever yelp review. I found D-Dojo through a groupon and decided to try it out. Within 4 classes i was completely sold.

The atmosphere there is very collaborative and i feel like i belong to a family. When i started, i had zero knowledge about karate but Igor Sensei and Jose Sensei were very patient. They will push you to your limits and make sure you are putting in your best.

I am a runner but have found that i find it boring. Now with karate, i look forward to working out. I enjoy the many benefits of it such as meditation, breathing techniques, flexibility, coordination, balance, self defense and the list goes on.

I have been trying to loose some weight for a while now and after training at D-dojo Karate for a month, the pounds are just falling away and i am becoming stronger.

There is a lot of strength training and cardio involved and so it is an effective workout. Moreover, there are many classes scheduled throughout the week so you can always find a time that works with your schedule.

As an aside, the other day i saw a bunch of girls fighting on the subway and they were pulling each other's hair. I smiled to myself and thought - no one wants to mess with me because i will be punching. Not that i intend to fight but the added confidence is a great ad on given i am barely 5"2.

If you are interested in Karate - do yourself a favor and sign up for D-Dojo Karate

4/7/2013 - Yelp Customer review

My daughter loves learning how to defend herself. I know because when she is home she practices everything that she learns from both teachers Jose & Igor! It makes me happy to know that my daughter wants to become a black belt. The philosophies taught at D-Dojo Karate are ways we all should adopt to live peaceful enlightened lives. My daughter shares these with her older brother when at home. A+ D-Dojo Karate for fun and affordability.

3/22/2013 - Yelp Customer review

For those who want to take nyc martial arts classes and actually learn something D-Dojo Karate is it! Great location, great techniques, and the instructor is very dedicating. Even in the class filled with students instructor will pay a lot of attention to you. I don't know what Sarah P. was talking about in the previous comment, because whenever my sister missed a class she could absolutely make up for it, and actually D-Dojo Karate offers many classes so no matter what your schedule is you can always fit Karate into it. I don't know what else to say rather then I am very happy to be a small part of D-Dojo Karate and count the instructor Igor Dyachenko as my friend. Go D-Dojo Karate!

3/19/2013 - Yelp Customer review

I have placed my son into D-Dojo Karate two weeks ago and almost immediately saw the most positive result! A result that has exceeded all my expectations. Not only my son was engaged immediately and was so interested in the activities set forth for the beginners (4yr olds) , he was simply refusing to leave once the class was over. He stayed behind observing older children! The classes are very very well organized and the instructors are excellent in both technical skill and communication and motivation of the youngsters. I strongly recommend that parents place their children into this program to build organizational, interpersonal, technical skills as well as build great life skills and discipline for the child! gerrin kravets

3/14/2013 - Yelp Customer review

Being D-Dojo Karate student for almost 6 years for now, Igor Dyachenko Kancho always inspired me with his inexhaustible passion and dedication to this sport. D-Dojo Karate is more than just a place for a great workout, it is a place to develop your spirit. D-Dojo Karate is relatively new school, and teaches the most progressive if not revolutionary techniques. Regardless, if you're a beginner or experienced fighter - if you interested to getting the best of Karate, this is the place for you.

3/1/2013 - Yelp Customer review

I have been taking classes at D-Dojo Karate for almost but not quite two years now. I was reading some of the reviews and totally agree with what a nice place it is, especially the instructors, Igor sensei and Jose sensei.

The person who gave the 1 star must have gotten confused with some other place or something because I've never received such treatment and even when I'm waiting for my level of class to start, I sit and watch how the people who are there using groupons are getting along, and they seem to be having fun, (they look tired from the workout but that's how you know you're getting a good workout). In fact, they actually learned a lot more than I did when I first started so that by the the time they're done using their groupons, they are already qualified for the next level should they choose to stay on.

What I like, apart from the friendliness and learning something new, is the fact that I am able to make up the classes. This is a big plus for busy people. I missed more than 30 classes in my first year because I got injured (not at D-dojo), so I'm glad I'm still able to make up all those classes.

They've also grouped their classes by level, and I appreciate that because then I'm not frustrated that I don't know something that the advanced people know well and can focus on doing moves for my level and not trying to do it like they do, which just messes up my form. AND, because they group their classes by levels, I can go to a beginners class sometimes and focus on going slow and improving my form so that when I take a class my level, I can then focus on speed and power because I know my form is good. I also learn things I've forgotten, like how to do a move correctly, when I go to a beginner's class, and that's always good; to refresh what you've learned.

On to the instructors. In the first year Igor sensei taught me, and nowadays I'm learning from Jose sensei. Both are great, friendly, knowledgeable instructors. Sometimes I get a little confused when I do a certain move a certain way because one instructor taught me to do it that way, and the other one taught me to do it a teeny slightly different way. But you take both into account and learn to improvise and do it correctly, (or you do it the way that Sensei taught you when he teaches that class). I don't mean the moves itself, but for example, the hand positions.

I also like that both the instructors push you and encourage you. Some people don't fancy Sensei Jose's almost "boot-like camp" training, but I love it! He pushes you and you don't know what you're capable of until you try. If you are doing any type of training, you want people to push and encourage you, people who don't give up easily on you even when you've done that years ago. To be specific, the "boot-like camp" training is usually just before class ends, where you do push-ups, leg raises, burpees, squats, that sort of stuff. I like that those exercises are required before class ends and actually get disappointed if (and rarely) we don't do it because we just finished practicing moves over with speed and power and that counts as if you were doing all those other exercises. Igor sensei pushes you too, but he takes it a bit more easy on you by granting you mercy in the form of "5 more" or like Jose sensei "10 more."

I should also mention that the training is different than I thought. I didn't exactly know what karate involved, but I pictured doing self defense moves like you see on tv. This is like that, but more focused on technique and form, not the grabbing-someone's-hand-when-they-grope-you-then-­twisting-and-using-your-hip-to-slam-the-person-­down type karate. In this, I was disappointed, but there is sports kumite, which involves sparring in protective gear, should you wish to join that. (You can even compete in real tournaments).

Did I cover everything? Probably not, but to be blunt, D-Dojo Karate is a great place if you're looking for long term, serious karate training. The instructors and classmates are fun and friendly, everyone encourages each other. It's clean and in a convenient location for most people, and is good for people wanting a workout after a long day of sitting on their butts. You'll die in the beginning no matter your level of fitness, but keep to it and you will see results your endurance, speed, strength. So, why are you still here? Join now!

2/21/2013 - Yelp Customer review

I've been training in D-Dojo Karate for 3 years and I'm really happy with the classes. I began practicing karate when I was 10 and after moving to the US it was very important for me to find a really good school. I checked almost all karate schools in New York and D-Dojo Karate turned out to be the best. Igor sensei is very professional and dedicated to karate. He is not only outstandingly good in karate himself but he also has a great talant to teach others. I had 4 karate teachers before but only after classes with Igor I felt the improvement. Also, D-Dojo Karate is very competition-oriented so it's a great place for those who want to make karate his/her profession.

2/18/2013 - Yelp Customer review

D-dojo Karate is the best karate school in NY. Igor is a great teacher, very dedicated, perfectionist mixing modernity to tradition in the true spirit of shotokan. I really recommend joining his school whether you are beginner or experienced. I started as a beginner and I ended up as brown belt. I had to leave d-dojo with regret as I move back to France! Vive d-dojo

2/13/2013 - Yelp Customer review

After buying a coupon on Living social for my very high energy son! And him practicing karate with Igor and the group! I can tell you what a magnificent transformation I have witnessed! The discipline and attentiveness he has been enlightened with is a very welcome addition to motherhood!

2/13/2013 - Yelp Customer review

D-Dojo Karate will challenge you on many levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is has a sleek, clean modern feel with a deep knowledge and respect for Classical Shotokan Karate. The best thing is the monthly tuition includes unlimited classes so you are always working to go to the next level and also able to simultaneously refine your technique. Attentive, charismatic, kind but serious instruction. Classical katas and sport kumite to build and define your muscles, increase flexibility, expand endurance, and find core power. Highly recommend.

2/13/2013 - Yelp Customer review

D-Dojo Karate was the best experience I have ever had. I have been training for quite some time now, trying out D-Dojo Karate I really thought I knew it all but I was wrong. After just one class I signed up for the whole year. I learned techniques that are beyond amazing. Igor has a very strong spirit a lot of charisma and is very talented. There is a lot to learn from D-Dojo Karate, I recommend it to every one .

2/12/2013 - Yelp Customer review

I had been lucky enough to practice karate with masters who were also world-class competitors, and looking for a new dojo when I moved to NYC was a bit of a challenge. After trying - and not liking - a couple of places, I was super happy to find D-Dojo Karate. It is the perfect combination of a cool, relaxed, friendly atmosphere with challenge and effort - and I found the same quest for excellence from Igor Dyachenko. There is a lot of thought in the training techniques, many of which come from world-class competition preparation. They are both playful and demanding. Eventually, I ended up training several times a week, receiving a black belt from Master Kanazawa (head of the world federation), and participating to the Panamerican Championships. But the most important part of that is probably it took me, physically and mentally, to places I would not envisaged for me - a great boost for life in general. A must-try!

1/27/2013 - Yelp Customer review

I got vouchers through living social for both of my young sons. I emailed the school and immediately the President Igor emailed me back and set up for them to go to class the very next day. When we arrived we were greeted by Sensei Jose and immediately he commanded respect from my boys and they gave it, and my husband and I knew that this is what would help them with focus, discipline, and respect for both each other, themselves, and others. We had planned on enrolling them anyway, but the vouchers gave us a chance to check out the school without making such a financial commitment. It didn't matter because we knew right away that this was the school that we were going to stick with. The boys enjoyed the class and learned so much in just one hour, and it goes to show that kids truly crave discipline and structure. Sensei makes the kids do squats when they don't follow the rules and while that seems intimidating to a parent after a few times that the kids had to do it they quickly respected him and figured out that if they followed his instructions there would be no consequence and as a parent when I try to discipline them I get whining and stomping and Sensei got none of that, in fact he got more respect than when they first met him. When class was over I thought I would hear "I don't want to come back" and instead I heard "Can we come back tomorrow?" Coming to D-Dojo so far has been the best move so far!!! Igor and Jose have been wonderful!

1/25/2013 - Yelp Customer review

I got vouchers through living social for both of my young sons. I emailed the school and immediately the President Igor emailed me back and set up for them to go to class the very next day. When we arrived we were greeted by Sensei Jose and immediately he commanded respect from my boys and they gave it, and my husband and I knew that this is what would help them with focus, discipline, and respect for both each other, themselves, and others. We had planned on enrolling them anyway, but the vouchers gave us a chance to check out the school without making such a financial commitment. It didn't matter because we knew right away that this was the school that we were going to stick with. The boys enjoyed the class and learned so much in just one hour, and it goes to show that kids truly crave discipline and structure. Sensei makes the kids do squats when they don't follow the rules and while that seems intimidating to a parent after a few times that the kids had to do it they quickly respected him and figured out that if they followed his instructions there would be no consequence and as a parent when I try to discipline them I get whining and stomping and Sensei got none of that, in fact he got more respect than when they first met him. When class was over I thought I would hear "I don't want to come back" and instead I heard "Can we come back tomorrow?" Coming to D-Dojo Karate so far has been the best move so far!!! Igor and Jose have been wonderful!

For reviews that say if you don't come on time you can't get in, well that's the way it is in many martial arts studios. You must respect the Art , it is not an aerobics class or a spin class. It is an Art about respect, and discipline. Being on time shows respect for your Sensei, classmates and most of all yourself!!

1/18/2013 - Yelp Customer review

I got vouchers through living social for both of my young sons. I emailed the school and immediately the President Igor emailed me back and set up for them to go to class the very next day. When we arrived we were greeted by Sensei Jose and immediately he commanded respect from my boys and they gave it, and my husband and I knew that this is what would help them with focus, discipline, and respect for both each other, themselves, and others. We had planned on enrolling them anyway, but the vouchers gave us a chance to check out the school without making such a financial commitment. It didn't matter because we knew right away that this was the school that we were going to stick with. The boys enjoyed the class and learned so much in just one hour, and it goes to show that kids truly crave discipline and structure. Sensei makes the kids do squats when they don't follow the rules and while that seems intimidating to a parent after a few times that the kids had to do it they quickly respected him and figured out that if they followed his instructions there would be no consequence and as a parent when I try to discipline them I get whining and stomping and Sensei got none of that, in fact he got more respect than when they first met him. When class was over I thought I would hear "I don't want to come back" and instead I heard "Can we come back tomorrow?" Coming to D-Dojo Karate so far has been the best move so far!!! Igor and Jose have been wonderful!

For reviews that say if you don't come on time you can't get in, well that's the way it is in many martial arts studios. You must respect the Art , it is not an aerobics class or a spin class. It is an Art about respect, and discipline. Being on time shows respect for your Sensei, classmates and most of all yourself!!

1/29/2012 - Yelp Customer review

D-Dojo Karate is an amazing dojo and I highly recommend it. It is clean, convenient and has many many attributes going for it:

  1. Classes almost every day - it can fit anyone s schedule!
  2. Incredible instructors - both Jose and Igor are awesome, very knowledgeable and dedicated - definitely the main reason why I keep coming back!
  3. Great mix of traditional karate technique, fitness drills, and stretching - you can also undertake sparring (kumite) training as well
  4. Friendly and nice classmates - everyone is also keen to help you out and more experienced students give you guidance if you need it
  5. Challenging programs - you can literally start out as a white belt and go straight to black belt if you dedicate yourself - there are also competitions and regular exams
  6. Great value - unlimited classes - money extremely well spent
  7. and the list goes on.....

8/14/2012 - Yelp Customer review

I joined D-Dojo Karate about 11 months ago. I'd been practicing Karate for about 15 months before hand, and was progressing steadily. Gee, did I walk into the right place! To me, D-Dojo is where you go if you want to challenge yourself, and push your limits, physically and mentally. Igor Dyachenko sensei is by far the most thoughtful and well planned Sensei I have ever trained under. Every technique has a practical use and is backed by a top biomoechanical understanding of the human body. No matter what level you are at, Sensei has a way of pushing you to get the most out of yourself in an enjoyable and fun way.

I have made great friends at D-Dojo, and there is a genuine sense of teamwork and collectiveness, as everyone is striving to be better karatekas - physically, mentally and spiritually.

The training facility is top notch, and again, far and away the best dojo I have ever trained in. Everything is clean and maintained, and a sense of pride of our dojo is instilled in us by Sensei.

Would highly, highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get fit and challenge them self in a great team environment!

8/13/2012 - Yelp Customer review

D dojo is one of the best dojos that I have had the privilege of training with. If you are looking for a technical class that challenges you at every step of the way then come check it out. Igor sensei embodies the motto... seek perfection of character..I am a second degree black belt and trained in countries like England, Trinidad and other clubs in the US. D Dojo is by far one of the most challenging and I enjoy each class.

8/11/2012 - Yelp Customer review

D-Dojo Karate is a great place to train karate for adults and children. D-Dojo Karate gives you the highest quality techniques and an extremely unique work out. The class is very serious with a focus on technique as well as conditioning. I was looking for the best karate school for my teenage son who has been training competitive karate in Europe for many years. He already became champion in all of his age groups so it was important to us to join karate school with top instructors. He wanted to continue to train karate on the highest level as he loves competitions and we are extremely happy to be part of D-Dojo Karate school. I did an extensive research about karate schools in Manhattan and we truly believe that D-Dojo Karate is karate school with the best instructors. I would highly recommend D-Dojo Karate to everyone who would like to join an amazing karate school. The class size is relatively small which allows for plenty of 1:1 time with the head instructor. The atmosphere is great for both experienced trainees and brand new members. The location is superb.

8/9/2012 - Yelp Customer review

Ever since the day I started training at D-Dojo Karate over two years ago, I knew I had found a gem. With all of the hundreds of places of learning in NYC, this is a place where true growth takes places with each student every single class. Individuals think about studying martial arts for many different reasons: weight loss, increased muscle strength, more toned physique, increased flexibility, heightened awareness, self defense, self confidence, a challenge, to release stress, etc. What I know from personal experience is that by joining D-dojo Karate you will benefit in NOT ONE but ALL of these areas, starting in your very first class. The Dojo is an extremely supportive environment where you learn to feel safe enough to go beyond your perceived limitations and truly challenge your body, mind and spirit through disciplined training sessions. Before you know it you will be more flexible, more toned, more aware of your surroundings and feel more confident in your everyday actions in life. Your friends and family will notice the difference and wonder where all this positive change is coming from. From me to you, try D-Dojo Karate today. It will change your life!

8/8/2012 - Yelp Customer review

It has always been a dream of mine to learn Karate. I was lucky to stumble upon a deal on living social where I was able to participate in boot camp self-defense courses at D-Dojo, The School of Modern Japanese Karate. I was truly impressed with the friendly staff (Igor Dyachenkno, Olga & Jose), cleanliness and aura of the facility. After gradually making it through each intense workout session, I felt a sense of accomplishment, increase self-esteem, strength and endurance. I was able to lose weight and tone up my body while learning how to protect myself with simple self-defense moves with Jose. Igor Dyachenkno is the founder & Sensei of D-Dojo. Igor is very friendly and humble about his numerous national & international merits. Igor is ambitious, diligent & passionate about what he does and is devoted his school and students. Jose is very patient, attentive & encouraging teacher who takes his time to meet you at your level & learn at your own pace. Olga is friendly, sweet and very supportive. I am honored to be affiliated with such a prestigious school and be an active member of team D-Dojo Karate. I would highly recommend joining to any age group. The location is convenient and the benefits are endless!!!

8/7/2012 - Yelp Customer review

As a long time martial artist, I can say that training at D-Dojo Karate is truly unique. It provides a strong emphasis on tradition, respect and cleanliness while also providing a place for elite level athletes to hone their skills. Joining the D-Dojo Karate will immediately give you a sense of mental focus and you will certainly leave there with an improved state of awareness. Right away you sit down with the sensei and evaluate your goals. Personally what I think is great about the school is the fact you train under a world champion whose experience is a definitive edge as a martial arts competitor. Definitely a great school for both, who are new to martial arts and also those with a considerable amount of martial arts experience.

8/7/2012 - Yelp Customer review

I am a busy guy with 3 young children and Igor Dyachenko sensei has taught me privately for more than 3 years. He is a remarkable karate talent as well as a teacher,mentor and person. He has worked tirelessly to fit karate into my crazy schedule and his passion for the sport is unmatched!!! I recommend D-Dojo Karate for all levels of karate and all levels of physical fitness. It is a fabulous way to learn self defense and self confidence as get or stay in shape at the same time!!

4/29/2012 - Yelp Customer review

I took an introductory lesson with Igor Sensei last summer and was very impressed with the quality of instruction. I joined the dojo shortly thereafter and the training has exceeded all of my expectations. Compared with other schools that I've trained at, the instructors here pay much more attention to each student's individual technique and areas of needed focus. They spend time to make sure that students understand why they are doing what they are doing and how they can improve their techniques. This focus on fundamentals extends through the entire training- whether it's something as basic as proper breathing to something as complicated as executing a kata. When it comes to physical training, the instructors apply the same student centered approach. They understand their students' capabilities and make the training very challenging yet within their student's abilities.

I have a gym membership in addition to training at D-Dojo Karate, and from my experience, the time spent at the Dojo is far more important. I get better results, enjoy myself more, and have a chance to meet and train with some very great people. I highly recommend this dojo to anyone who is interested in fitness and/or martial arts.

4/4/2012 - Yelp Customer review

This place is amazing. Great individual attention - the instructors let no mistake go uncorrected and never permit any student to rest on his laurels. The atmosphere is very friendly and supportive. I joined back in July and have noticed significant improvement in my strength, balance, and flexibility. The equipment is in great shape and the dojo is always clean.

4/2/2012 - Yelp Customer review

Karate at D-Dojo has been a thrilling, rewarding experience for me from the very beginning. The training is both mentally and physically stimulating, and each session is an exercise in strength, endurance, dexterity and focus. The students are diligent, respectful and always willing to help one another grow. The community is extremely diverse in temps of age, race, etc, and extremely welcoming. Igor sensei is one of the best mentors one could ask for. He takes the time to understand each student's abilities and does his best to help each one grow by pushing his/her physical and mental boundaries. He is always incredibly patient and attentive; and his dedication to teaching and passion for martial arts is infectious. Both children and adults enjoy their experience at D-Dojo Karate, and I would certainly recommend its classes to anyone - no matter the breadth of martial arts experience one has tucked away under his belt.

4/2/2012 - Yelp Customer review

In no other places I've been pushed that much beyond my own limits, in terms of technique, physical training, and even some sort of audacity. D-dojo is a unique blend of very demanding but generous teaching philosophy ("everyone deserves a chance to do great") and friendly atmosphere. There is no miracle, progress takes efforts: But with a bit of perseverance, it is incredible to see how much can be accomplished over the course of a few months. And no where else I felt that much that karate was much more than a sport or a physical routine.

10/23/2011 - Yelp Customer review

I attend classes at D-Dojo Karate three times a week and it is usually the most enjoyable and productive part of my day. As a thirty-something-year-old woman with no previous athletic experience, I was initially nervous about my ability to progress in karate. But Igor Sensei is an incredibly patient and attentive teacher. I have felt myself getting stronger, both physically and mentally, since the first lesson. There is a feeling of mutual respect and helpfulness among students at all levels at D-Dojo Karate and it adds to the positive experience of training there. I would recommend D-Dojo Karate to anyone interested in starting or continuing their karate training.

8/23/2011 - Yelp Customer review

I've been training at D-Dojo Karate for a month or two, and it's been a great experience. Each session is a pretty good workout, and every class has it's own challenge. Classes range in size (sometimes only 2 or 3, sometimes more like 15). Igor is a good guy and a good teacher, and I have no reservations about recommending his dojo to anyone who is interested.

6/8/2011 - Yelp Customer review

If you really want to get in shape and also want to learn martial art, I would recommend D-Dojo Karate in Manhattan. The place is very convenient to get there, the sensei really friendly and knows his stuff ( guaranty teaching you the proper technique), price very affordable and the best of all everybody (the sensei and the student) are very friendly.

6/7/2011 - Yelp Customer review

Going to karate class at D-Dojo Karate every week is something I really look forward to, and I hate when my schedule gets me so busy it keeps me from going (I'm an actor, so my schedule can get pretty crazy), but even with a sometimes busy schedule, the way classes are set up makes it easy to work around even the busiest. And believe me, it's definitely worth it, taking an hour or two a couple days a week to stress relieve is really nice. But it's more than just that. Working with Sensei Igor Dyachenko, even for just the few months I've been there, has been really great and I've learned so much. He's dedicated to each and every student, and makes sure you know and understand not only WHAT you're doing, but WHY it needs to be done a certain way (whether to keep yourself from getting hurt, or to make sure you're hitting where you need to, etc). He also recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of his students and adapts to their needs. For example, in addition to acting, I'm also an experienced dancer, so I'm already pretty flexible. He likes to use this fact to push me harder, make me stretch farther, kick higher, whatever the case may be, and as much I may complain that he's harder on me in that regard, I'm glad for the fact that I have someone who is willing to not let me just go on cruise control. Like I said, he has that personal interest in every student's growth that I feel really sets him apart in a good way. There's also a great sense of community within the Dojo. You quickly get to know the other students, and we help to hold each other accountable and willing to help each other out.


Welcome to D-Dojo. As an official affiliation of Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF) it is our pleasure to provide the residents of New York City with unique methods of karate training developed by legendary master of karate, a founder of SKIF Hirokazu Kanazawa. And we are looking forward to providing our students with the best karate training possible. Members of D-Dojo will automatically become a part of the largest karate organization in the world, with in excess of 2,500,000 members worldwide, in 103 countries. D-Dojo headquarters is located in the heart of Manhattan at Chelsea Studios151 West 26th Street. 5th Floor. (Between 6th and 7th Avenues)  For more information and registration appointment call 212.537.6441

Eugene Netupsky

D-Dojo's great strength is the personalized instruction you receive
from Sensei Igor. This individual attention has not only given me a
profound understanding of karate, but has helped me get my body into
incredible shape. Over the past couple of months, I have seen my body
do things I never thought possible prior to receiving instruction from
Sensei Igor. If you're looking to receive individualized attention,
gain a thorough understanding of Karate and its forms, and get in
shape, D-Dojo is the place for you!!‎

Natalia Wrobel

Training at D-Dojo has been such a wonderful experience for me. Since
I was a kid I wanted to give karate a try but was intimidated. I found
D-Dojo on the web and decided to check it out. Since then I haven't
looked back. I am stronger, healthier, more disciplined and more
confident than I have ever been. If you have ever considered martial
arts but are shy or intimidated you owe it to yourself to check out

Yana Ivanov

I began training at D-Dojo in October 2008; I honestly never thought
that I would enjoy it as much as I do. Igor Dyachenko is a wonderful
instructor, he is very passionate about the sport of karate-do and
that shows through his dedication and commitment to the school and his
students. I get a lot from my training, flexibility, strengthening,
toning, and balance and of cause I got to meet a lot of new friends.

Govind Kilambi

“Occupation: Finance/Investments”

“I joined D-Dojo to learn Karate with my daughter after having taken martial arts when I was younger. The classes have exceeded my expectations! Sensei Igor takes us through a vigorous workout that is both enjoyable and challenging while keeping us focused the whole time. He varies the classes to keep things interesting for both of us, which is important given my daughter’s age. Since starting, we have increased our skill level in karate as well as both our cardio and strength levels. It has also helped us tremendously in the other sports we play and motivated us to add new exercises to our routines. Finally, Sensei Igor is very professional and knows how to strike the right balance with each student, regardless of age and skill level. Overall, I highly recommend D-Dojo if you are looking to learn karate or just improve your overall fitness level in a highly stimulating way.”

Toshio Eto

Age:  34

Place of birth:  Hyogo-Pref, Japan

Occupation: IT Project Management

I learned traditional ryuha (Shito-Ryu) karate and earned my black-belt in Japan. When I came to New York, I struggled to find a Dojo that teach the karate I learned and most of the New York Dojos teach Shoto-kan Karate. Therefore I decided to find the best Shoto-kan Dojo in Manhattan. In order to find my Dojo, I placed emphasis on the items below:

1. Officially Certified Dojo: Some Dojos may not have certification, but D-Dojo is an officially recognized Dojo of Shotokan Karate-do
International Federation.

2. Flexible Class Schedule: Because of my work, I cannot practice on weekdays. D-Dojo has classes on Saturdays, therefore I am able to

3. Teacher / Sensei: Skill and passion of the teacher affect the motivation and growth of students. Igor-Sensei is passionate with advancing his karate skills and also inspire his students to do the same. As a result, Igor-Sensei has won several tournaments and his students also win. Additionally, he is well educated with karate and logically shares his knowledge with his students.

4. Training: Karate training consists of several elements. An imbalanced practice doesn't make a high-performanced Karate-player. However, at D-Dojo, Basic, Kata, Kumite, and muscle strengthening exercises are taught in a balanced manner.

For these reasons, I started training at D-Dojo and now I practice at D-Dojo every Saturday as it makes me feel refreshed and stronger.

Yuriy Tretyak

I started practicing karate at the age of 27 in the Ukraine. The karate taught at that time was the only martial art form that was nicely structured and scientifically well-developed. Initially, I was driven to learn karate because of the fighting aspect; until I discovered other important qualities of karate, including health, self-awareness, dignity, persistence and excellence. Over the years, I participated in countless karate tournaments, becoming an Ukrainian champion in kata as well as an Alaskan champion in kumite.

I was also very lucky to have met D-Dojo's Igor Dyachanko in 1994, when he assisted me with my karate technique. In fact, I am proud to say that I'm his very first student! It has been 16 years since and it is an honor for me to join the D-Dojo team.

Now I am 43 years old with a 4th degree black belt and karate is a still a big part of my life as it encourages me to be a better person and lead a good life.

Yuliya Yakovleva

Age: 24
Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
Occupation: Chinese interpreter/Chinese tutor

I began practicing karate in Russia 13 years ago. When I moved to the US and left my teacher I had to find a new one here. So, after a month of research and gathering information about karate clubs in NYC I eventually chose D-Dojo.

When I first visited the training in D-Dojo I immediately could see that the students were practicing at a very high level which without doubt would indicate the professionalism of the sensei.

Igor, the sensei, has very serious attitude towards his club and his students. His own skills are very impressive and he does all the best to pass his knowledge of spiritual and technical components of karate to the students. He is very patient but nonetheless very strong in teaching students to do all the things in the right way.

I’m very happy to be a member of D-Dojo and I believe that Igor sensei can help everyone who wants to practice karate to achieve their goals.

Vladimir G.

I love working out at D-Dojo!  Sensei Igor is a great teacher who definitely knows what he is talking about.  He not only makes the classes fun and makes sure every student is learning the technical aspects, but he also makes sure we know the possible real-life applications of every technique we learn.  I have learned a lot of great self-defense techniques and feel like I can now better defend myself in various situations.  D-Dojo is definitely one of the top karate schools around.

Lilya Sourine

D-Dojo has been an excellent experience for me.  I have not only learned many valuable techniques, but have also learned fun and different ways to stay fit.  D-Dojo is very welcoming of all levels and the group sessions are a great way to work out with others and have a good time exercising.  I would definitely recommend D-Dojo to anyone interested in learning karate and looking for a great way to stay in shape.

John Lapsatis

After studying karate for over 25 years at different dojos, I can say that D-Dojo has been a great place for me to reconnect with karate.  I have not only been able to share the knowledge that I have learned but have also learned more modern techniques that I can apply to my training and teaching.  I have had a great experience with D-Dojo and think it is an excellent place to learn modern karate for kids, beginners, and advanced students alike.

Amanda Czaja

Age:  25
Place of birth:  Middletown, CT
Occupation:  Music/Film/Media Professional

"Joining the D-Dojo team was one of the best things I ever did!  Since starting karate, I feel more alert and confident, and feel like I can better defend myself.  I am much more focused on fitness now and am in the best shape of my life.  We make sure to do a good amount of stretching and exercises, many of which I have used outside of class as well.  Thanks to D-Dojo, I have managed to gain better balance, get in better shape, and have lost about 30 pounds and counting.  I work out at D-Dojo in the group classes and have met some great new friends.  Everyone is willing to help each other out, whether it be someone demonstrating a technique or someone providing encouragement for their fellow classmate.  The class sizes are very manageable and no matter how many people may be in a given class, Igor Sensei always makes sure to provide individual attention to each student, troubleshooting personal errors and making sure we all understand the proper technique.  The tempo of the classes are excellent, and are structured where each student can work out with other students at their same level, allowing everyone to progress at a steady pace.  Another great thing that I have learned at D-Dojo is that karate is about being relaxed and not all about strict technique.  The main agenda is self defense and often we will have a self defense focused class, where we apply everything we have learned to possible real-life situations and how to best be prepared should we need to defend ourselves.  I have also had the opportunity to apply what I have learned in competition, and even won two medals in my first competition.  I originally started karate as a way to exercise and learn self defense, but I have gotten so much more out of it than I ever expected.  I love working out at D-Dojo and look forward to going to every class. Igor Sensei and my fellow classmates have helped me to develop a passion for karate and it is something I plan to never give up."

Anna Chen

My name is Anna Chen. I was born in Russia. I am half Russian and half
Korean. My father is a doctor and my mother is a Pharmacist. My father
practiced Judo for many years and what's interesting - his college
Judo teammate was former Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Growing up in Russia was difficult. After all, there were not too many
girls in school with Korean features. My peers always teased and
picked on me because I looked different. That was one reason why my
mother brought me to the local karate school, so I could learn self

I was always very active in different sports and enjoyed physical
activity. Karate came very naturally to me and soon I could not
imagine life without it. By age 12, I was the youngest in my school to
receive a black belt.

As I advanced in training, I took part in tournaments and won. First,
I won all the local, regional, and national competitions, becoming
junior champion. At 17 years old, I won second and third place in the
World Cup Championship. After transitioning into the adult category I
took fifth place in the European Championship.

By this time, I felt that my current training did not challenge and
draw out my full potential. After I came to the United States, I
researched different karate schools. I wanted a school that would take
my current karate skills to the next level. After extensive research
my answer was D-Dojo. What intrigued me most about the teacher is the
way he visualized karate. His useful tips and coaching advice are very
unique. Also, his technique and style are highly advanced and when I
met him, I realized that I still have a great deal to learn.

Igor Dyachenko

D-Dojo founder and chief instructor Igor Dyachenko was born in the
Ukraine and practiced karate with his father as early as six years
old. It was also 1987, one year after the explosion of the atomic
reactor at Chernobyl's nuclear power plant that his father believed
karate would improve his spirit and physical condition.

Fast forward a couple of years and Mr. Dyachenko found great success
winning numerous awards, including world titles as well as
international and national competitions. He has experience practicing
with top coaches and athletes from Japan, Brazil, Yugoslavia,
Slovenia, Hungary, Egypt, Azerbaijan, and of course Ukraine and USA.
To supplement his karate training and to become a complete fighter, he
practices Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai. He believes
that the knowledge of other martial arts techniques help achieve a
novel and modern approach to both teaching and practicing karate.

A former member of the Ukrainian National Karate team and Funakoshi
Shotokan Karate Association World Champion in the kumite division, Mr.
Dyachenko was recently featured on The Colbert Report, where he helped
Mr. Colbert commemorate Ronald Reagan's historic Berlin Wall speech.
To honor the fall of the Berlin wall, Dyachenko broke a board, busted
a watermelon, and chopped a slice of cake.

2008 - 1st place at SKIF-USA National Championships; Coconut Grove,
Florida; individual kumite.

2007 - Received 4th degree black belt (Yon-Dan) from Hirokazu Kanazawa.

2005 - 1st place at SKIF-USA National Open Karate Tournament; Mounds
View, Minnesota; individual  kumite.

2004 - 1st place at Ozawa Cup, Las Vegas, Nevada; individual kumite;
awarded most outstanding tournament competitor from Kotaka Sensei from
Honolulu, Hawaii.

2003 - 1st place at  FSKA 5th World Karate Championships in Las Vegas,
Nevada; individual kumite.

2003 - 1st place at USAKF National Championships; Akron, Ohio;
individual kumite.

2002 - 2nd  place at WTKO World Karate Championships; Staten Island,
New York; senior individual kumite.

2001 - Received 3rd degree black belt (San-Dan) from Hirokazu Kanazawa.

2000 - 1st place at USA-NKF National Championships; Houston, Texas;
senior team kumite.

2000 - 2nd place at the 19th  Annual Traditional Karate Tournament
International known as Ozawa Cup International Karate Tournament; Las
Vegas, Nevada; senior team kumite.

1998 - 1st place at SKI-Ukraine National Championships; team kata.

1998 - 2nd place at WKO World Championships; Orlando, Florida; junior
individual kata.

1997 - 1st place at the 6th SKIF World Championships; Milan, Italy;
junior individual kata.

1997 - Received 2nd degree black belt (Ni-Dan) from Hirokazu Kanazawa.

1995 -1998 - 1st place at the National Ukrainian Championships of
Shotokan Karate-do; junior kata division.

1993 -1997 - Eight 1st place medals at Kiev Championships in various
divisions including adult divisions in kata and kumite.

1993 -1996 - Four 1st place medals at Kiev Cup in various divisions
including adult divisions in kata and kumite.

1988  -  Began practicing karate-do


We are happy you have found D-Dojo. Our job is to provide our students
world-class training. We take it pretty seriously and hope you will

All of our students (also known as D-Dojokas) who complete this
rigorous program will receive a certificate from Japan's Shotokan
International Karate Federation(SIKF), which is the most prestigious
karate organization in the world. This distinct certificate is also
recognized in over 103 countries, which means you can continue your
karate education wherever you go.


The "D" in D-Dojo represents the first letter of the founder, Igor
Dyachenko's surname, which is a common practice when naming a dojo.
The "D" also stands for dream, because we want D-Dojo to be a place
for D-Dojokas to make their dreams a reality.

D-Dojo employs innovative techniques that are not taught anywhere else
in the world. With over 20 years of research and development, we
incorporate both biophysics and biomechanics in this unique
comprehensive program.

The training at D-Dojo is exciting. Results are not only guaranteed,
they are instantaneous. Our program can and will benefit you in
limitless ways.


D-Dojo offers a modern approach to a classical Japanese karate
education where we integrate our curriculum with modern science and
various martial art principles. As you progress in rank, you'll gain
athletic agility, improve performance and have a greater sense of
well-being. What's more, D-Dojo students who pursue and earn a black
belt will also complete an enriching experience.

The D-Dojo training program incorporates kihon, kata and kumite
exercises which will eventually serve as your foundation education. As
you advance, kihon, kata and kumite techniques will be more
challenging and refined.


Kihon is Japanese for “basic."  In class when you practice Kihon, you
will develop proper breathing techniques, coordination, muscle
control, agility, flexibility and strength.


Kata is the next stage of exercise you will learn. It is a sequenced
performance incorporating kihon with proper rhythm and angular
movements. At D-Dojo, kata is taught as a fundamental skill that will
enhance your kumite training. You'll become proficient in this
physically and mentally challenging exercise when you practice
visualizing, breathing properly, and repeating the movement.


There are two major types of Kumite training in the D-Dojo program:
Kihon-Kumite and Jiyuu-Kimite.

Kihon-Kumite is a practice that helps you transition from both kihon
and kata training into a sport or jiyuu-kumite.

Jiyuu-Kumite means free sparring. Jiyuu-Kumite provides students the
opportunity to apply their skills in a combat setting with an
opponent. Furthermore, Jiyuu-Kumite develops your reflexes and
cardiovascular endurance. This training is essential for students who
wish to compete and beneficial for anyone who intends to advance in


Group training is a wonderful opportunity for students to practice
karate and work toward your goals with other students. Alongside your
peers, you'll gain momentum and energy, qualities you wouldn't
otherwise experience if you were practicing alone. Not to mention,
you'll be motivated, encouraged, and receive feedback from your peers
when you practice techniques and exercise together.

During group training, D-Dojo instructors will personalize each
student's training to achieve his or her maximum potential and
performance. A favorite feature for many of our current students are
small class sizes as it allows each student to progress accordingly.
Group training classes are scheduled to accommodate professional and
academic schedules and is offered during weeknights and Saturdays.


Our creed consists of 5 mantras that reflect D-Dojo's positive culture
and attitude. The creed is recited at the beginning and end of class
to engage, focus, and mentally center students.

Seek perfection of character

Be Faithful


Respect others

Refrain from violent behavior


Traditionally Okinawans practiced karate alongside a sensei within a
one-on-one setting. At D-Dojo, we offer this same tradition for
individuals of all ages and fitness levels who wish to practice
karate. Additionally, you will benefit from a customized workout to
suit your needs and goals. Personal training sessions are perfect for
individuals with odd or demanding schedules.


With D-Dojo's approach to fitness, our students will achieve
instantaneous results because from the beginning you will be properly
trained - making each movement count. After your first personal
training session, you will feel invigorated and enthusiastic about
your potential to thrive in a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. After
a few sessions you will notice increased strength, improved endurance
and greater flexibility. Regardless of your age, fitness level or
physical abilities, if you have the desire to be healthy and strong,
D-Dojo can teach you all the tools and knowledge to practice a healthy
lifestyle for life.


Training for a competition? Under the tutelage of Igor Dyachenko,
you'll learn and gain confidence in your abilities to compete and win
elite level competitions. If you are preparing to compete or are
looking to gain a competitive edge over your opponents as you will
learn specific winning techniques that will make all the difference.
Your current capabilities will be assessed and customized into the
best training regimen for your fighting style and strengths.


Learning self defense is important for everyone at any age. You'll
never know when you'll need it. Regardless of age or fitness level,
anyone can learn techniques and feel safe while going about one's
daily routine. If you have specific safety concerns, your lessons will
be customized to suit you and your lifestyle.

Our school philosophy practices non-violent behavior and ideally none
of us will ever be faced with a violent attacker, however, if you find
yourself in danger we want you to be prepared to defend yourself. You
will learn how to escape from street attacks such as holds, grabs, and
chokes.  In case of an attack, you'll learn specific pressure points
that will give you the upper hand. Also, you will learn how to protect
yourself from attacks with weapons and you will learn how to escape
from danger.


white belt- seed

A seed will germinate with proper sustenance. Likewise, a white belt
will flourish given proper instruction and training.

yellow belt - sprout

Yellow belt marks the growth of the student that is as strong as the
sprout that brakes through the ground.

green belt - stem

A green belt student understands and performs techniques as strong and
solid as stem.

blue belt- sky

Just like a tree that grows as tall as one can to reach the sky, the
student has intense desire and interest to learn more sophisticated

red belt - fruit

When the tree yields fruit and is ready for harvest, it is also when
the student finally pulls together all elements learned and is ready
to be challenged.

brown black belt - deep roots

This brown-black belt student is rooted with all major techniques and
also aware of the non-physical entities vital to karate.

black belt - night

The student's cycle is complete and ready to start a new cycle to dig
deeper into the night.

To advance to the next belt color, you will be taught all the
necessary and proper techniques according to Shotokan International
Karate Federation's regulations. From the first day of training, you
will receive a manual and learn what needs to be practiced prior to
taking a test, which is taken every 3 months until you earn your brown


D-Dojo is an official branch of Shotokan Karate-do International
Federation (SKIF) which is the largest karate organization in the
world. With your SKIF certificate, you'll gain worldwide acceptance
into thousands of karate schools. The SKIF is headed by Hirokaza
Kanazawa - a world renowned karate instructor, who tested and trained
D-Dojo's Igor Dyachenko. In addition, Hirokaza Kanazawa was trained by
Gichin Funakosh, the creator of shotokan karate. This prestigious
certificate, when earned at D-Dojo means you've been coached by one of
the world's most distinguished and accomplished.


Please specify if you have any previous martial arts experience and
what your goals are.


We are actively seeking enthusiastic sponsors to support D-Dojo's team
- one that has been coached and trained by D-Dojo founder, Igor

We also welcome sponsors for Igor Dyachenko's forthcoming
participation in the World, European, and Pan-American Karate
Championships. Moreover, Mr. Dyachenko has exciting plans to
participate in the New York marathon as well as IronMan 70.3.

With your active support and participation, we are happy to create
opportunities to place your logo on our t-shirts, sport suits,
banners, newsletter, social media, and our karate-gi. A friend to the
press, we are in close and frequent contact with the local news media,
magazines as well as national television programs.

Lets start a dialog and align our resources to create a success partnership.


Winning. Innovative. Dynamic. Diligent. Committed. These are all
characteristics that describe Igor Dyachenko. Perhaps this resonates
with your company's brand? Let us help you strengthen your brand by
putting a face behind these coveted features we all admire.